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Can a stronger golf grip improve your slice? Yes maybe; be careful. I think that’s got it covered. Yes, maybe and be careful. First thing we need to understand is what is a slice? A slice for a right handed golfer is a ball that moves from left to right; we're all too familiar with it that, we all hit that one. What is a stronger grip? Now a stronger grip is a grip position where the right hand is moved to the right on the grip. So that would strengthen the grip up as I move it to the right. To have covered what a slice is, we have covered what a stronger grip is. Now we need to understand what causes a slice.

A slice is caused when the difference between he path of the club and the position of the club face. Generally speaking the path of the club would be more to the left hand side and the position of the club face would be aiming more to the right hand side. And because there is a difference between those two angles the ball starts to spin. It has back spin but it's on a tilted plane so the ball curves around from left to right. So we know that the club face is effectively open to the path. So the club face is more of that position and the path is more across. So generally speaking, having a stronger grip can help you close the club face and I stress, help, it doesn’t make it happen, it can help you. But if you just close the club face too much, this slice won't disappear from a slice it will just turn into a pull or a massive pull hook. This is why I said yes, maybe but be careful.

So a stronger grip implies putting the right hand more under that would encourage the right hand to turn more over for a lot of golfers so they would rotate or release the club face a little bit more. That could close the club face a little bit more. That should bring the path of the swing and the club face more in line with each other so they are going to hit a little bit straight down the same line, the difference between the path and the face becomes less. But if your path was very extremely left let's say 10 degrees and now your club face is 10 degrees left, you don’t have slice but congratulations you've now just got a massive pull hook. So changing the grip position and changing the face angle can work for some people but it has to be done very, very carefully and it has to be done within the standing of what the path of the swing is and how consistently that club face can be closed over. So before you investigate just strengthen your grip, I would go and take some serious advice about the path of your swing if you're trying if you're trying to improve your slice.