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Quite a few people will probably have a gap wedge in their bag and not really understand what a gap wedge is and what it can be used for. And a lot of people don’t understand they’ve got a gap wedge because it doesn’t have a G written on the bottom like you’re pitching wedge, or your sand wedge have a P and an S. A gap wedge basically sits between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge in terms of the loft, and therefore in terms of the distance the ball will go. So, generally speaking a pitching wedge is going to be around about 46 degrees from modern pitching wedge. Some sets vary from that slightly, but 46 degrees, let’s call that the average. And the average sand wedge is around about 54, 55, 56 degrees for most sets of the sand wedge. So, a gap wedge is probably going to be numbered either 50, 51 or 52 degrees of loft. And therefore it splits the middle; it fills the gap between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge in terms of the numbers.

Also when look at the distance you’re hitting it, a pitching wedge let’s say that goes 100 yards, and you take your sand wedge and that only goes 60 yards. So it stands to reason that gap wedge is going to fill that gap and it should go 80 yards. And that’s why that gap wedge can be so useful in your bag because if you’ve got 80 yard shot on the golf course, you hit a good full sand wedge it doesn’t reach. You hit a good full pitching wedge; it goes way over the back of the green. So, it’s quite important to understand how you can hit that gap wedge to fill that gap. And if you didn’t have a gap wedge in your bag, how would have made up that distance? Would you have tried to hit your sand wedge too hard? Would have tried to cut off and curtail the distance of the pitching wedge? It’s quite difficult to do. Having a gap wedge in there, you just pull the trigger, make your normal full swing and the club will give you the right distance.

So, if you’ve got space in your bag and space is you’re allowed to carry 14 clubs. If you’re only carrying 12, 13 clubs and you have a big problem with judging the distance in these sort of areas between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge, put a gap wedge in there. Investigate getting a gap wedge 50, 51, 52 degrees worth of loft. Make your same full swing; you’ll hit the gap wedge the right distance. Gap wedges are also very useful for a little bump and run shots, little chip shots around the side of the green. My gap wedge, my 52, it’s actually my favorite chipping club. So all those little touch shots around the side of the green I’d much rather use my 52 than anything else. So, if you don’t have a gap wedge in your bag, you could be missing a bit of the trick.