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How can I use a long golf putter to improve your putting stroke? Well the reason why these long putters came around a few years ago is because it makes the putting stroke a little bit more stable and stops it being too twitchy. A lot of people found that with a normal putting stroke, they have a little bit too much hand back and a bit too much flick. So the long putters, the belly putters and the chest putters came around to try and stabilize the putting stroke a little bit; but I think we’ve got a word of caution here before we go head long into encouraging everyone to use belly putters and long putters.

The rules of golf are changing in 2016 and that’s going to actually stop people from using anything that’ anchored onto the body. So if we have a belly putter for example; we actually anchor that into the chest or the belly, and then we rock that backwards and forwards this anchoring point is not going to be allowed. I could have it here, I could have it away so a still a long putter there is okay and I could have a long putter like this, but what I can’t do is have that anchored into my chest or onto my chin so that’s going to cause me some problems.

So if you were to change now to a long putter 2014, summer 2014. Now if we were to change to a long putter, we’ve probably only go on 18 month window before the rules of golf are going to come in, and say actually we don’t want us to do that anymore. We’d rather have the truest nature of putting with a bit of freedom to the handle. So is not going to be able to be anchored in. If you were to anchor it for the time being, because your putting would -- sorry, you’re struggling with the rest of your putting, we would anchor the point to the belly here, we would let the hands come down and relax and then we will just let that club swing backwards and forwards nice and freely.

And really that’s controlled by my shoulders and not by my hands and arms. I’m not trying to flick and scoop this, because you can see this end wobbly. So I anchor that in there, lean forwards, my shoulders rock, my hands and arms do a nice passive job. And a similar job really if I was using a longer sort of more broom handle putter. This hand and arm stay static at the top, the legs stay very still and it’s just the bottom hand pushes backwards and forwards.

The idea of having the longer pendulum stroke is as less twisting, less variation and better control of distance. So that’s the attributes of using a long handle putter but with a word of warning that from 2016, we can’t have anything anchored to our body when we’re putting.