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Video Transcript

Now if you want to improve your golf putting particularly on big breaking greens, there’s probably two golden rules to abide by; the first thing is take a really long time to read the break on the green so get a really good assessment of the whole surface. Don’t just walk up to it think ‘well, it’s a bit right’ and then whack it out there, go and have a good walk around it. So I’d like to walk all the way around the high side of the putt then come back down on the low side.

So walk all the way up that top side around the back of the hole back down the low side. From there what I would see for most golfers is most golfers would under hit their putt in terms of the amount of break they would allow for, there would be scared of aiming so a far wide of the hole and the fact that it doesn’t feel comfortable to aim sort of almost 10, 20, 30 degree offline and break it back round. The only thing I’d suggest is go and watch the video tapes or the YouTube clips of people putting or Augusta.

Quite often you see the guys at Augusta, the one who’s got their back to the target their hitting almost off the green hit to really swing it back around. Obviously the faster the green is the more the putt would break. So a green like this the putt won’t break quite as much as you might think because this putting green is relatively slow but I’m going to have to aim quite a long way out that right hand side to really get the putt to swing in.

The other consideration you should have really take plenty of practice putts on the putting green before you go out and play to get used to it. So here I’m aiming at that right hand side, it’s going to need quite a wallop to get it up that hill. Like I said the green is quite slow and it has a huge degree of break, so I could really give it a good hit up there, it then falls off the hill and comes back in toward the hole and it’s finished just a foot and half, just 18 inches past the hole but I actually set it off almost eight or nine feet wide of the hole plenty of hit to get it up the hill and it curved in.

But I’m able to judge that putt nicely because I’ve had a good read of the surface beforehand, had a good couple of practice strokes to judge how hard I wanted to hit it and I’ve read the putt from both ends. I did a full 360 all the way that end and came back around and came back around here; actually I did that off-camera just to save a bit of time, it’s about 25 paces up here, I’d be tired if I walked that way too quickly, so big loop back around the putt, read it from 360 then have a good roll and see if you can improve your big breaking putts on the green.