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Because golf is a target related game, we are often trying to hit the ball straight towards the target so it stands to reason that that’s where you should be aiming. But actually when you look a lot of the worlds best players, they don’t always aim then straight to the target flag. Mark Hugh just probably the best example of this currently, he aims very rarely at the flag, he aims right at huge amounts. Now one of the reasons why he’s doing that, and one of the reasons why it kind of works for some club golfers is it can help you increase the length of your back swing turn because its already pre-set your shoulders in a slightly closed position.

So if I turn down the target line here and presume that the white line is aiming at my target, if I set my feet maybe five to ten degrees across that target line and place my shoulders slightly right of the target, if I point my club face back towards the target, that would be nice. But then I make my swing, my shoulders are already slightly closed, it helps me make a bigger shoulder rotation back, particular if you struggle by making a big shoulder rotation or you feel the flexibility isn’t really a strength and you need a bit more power, closing your shoulders down could be something that works well for you. Then as you swing down through the golf ball, it will naturally encourage you to swing slightly out to the right hand side.

Now if the club face is pointing slightly right as well, that’s not going to be a bad thing either because that’s just going to shape the ball with a little bit of draw spin as long as the face is slightly close to the path, you get a little bit of a draw spin. Now we want to make sure we’re not getting too much draw spin if the ball starts to spin too heavily, it starts to fall out the sky and it’s not putt, maybe better if you just bring your feet back round a little bit and not get too extreme. And of due stress, this tip is not for everybody, most times when I see people playing golf, I would always encourage them to aim straight at the target, but if you feel that you’re not quite being able to complete a backswing shoulder rotation, having the shoulders start in a slightly closed position increasing the turn that you create at the top and then swinging down to play a small draw shot from right to left, that might be working for you, it certainly works for Mark Hugh James.