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Video Transcript

So how can you stop hitting the ball from the toe of the club. Well the toe of the club first of all is this part here. So there's you're club face, this is the heel just like your foot; your heel. There's your toe and there we want to hit the ball in the middle. So if you're hitting the ball off the toe, one of the most common reasons for hitting the ball off the toe is something to do with your arms are at impact. If when you go through the ball your arms come in and you basically come in with your arms bent, the club gets pulled in towards you.

So you see it better from over the back. If I set myself up in this position here and I do my swing lest just say it’s perfect, I go back here and at impact I bring the club back down but my arms start to bend so you can see my arms are bent, the club gets pulled in towards me. Now I'm exact right to the point here but it doesn’t need much does it when a ball is only 1.68 inches from one side to the other for a ball that will start in the middle to hit the toe and when the ball hits the toe what happens? It twists the club face in the direction which part you’ve hit.

So here is the toe, opens the face and sends the ball down the right. So it’s basically one of the biggest fault is when the arms come in you’re not extending the arm through the hitting area. So if I set myself up to the ball so now you’ve got what is causing it where you're arms are coming in and they're like being bent; they're being pulled into your body, if I set you right, set yourself up and I want you to concentrate as you get to here, I want you to concentrate on hitting out so from here hitting out it means hitting out to the right of the ball so if you look from down the camera if I can't stay straight right now from here they hit out, you see the direction I'm going, I'm trying to train your muscle memory.

Remember we know what the fault was with the arms being bent and now I want you to focus on actually hitting out. So when you first start this, you might find the ball is going a little bit to the right hand side but remember it’s all about this extension. So here I am over the ball setting myself up; so I have not changed the set up in any way, you're going to swing the club back but as we hit into the ball I'm going to try and hit out to the right hand side so here we go, swing the club back and I've hit my arms up to the right, the ball is going exactly where I said it might go; to the right hand side because I focused on actually hitting out. But you can see the most important thing is when we concentrate on hitting the ball out is at the arms are nice and straight so we've got this lovely extension and then all of a sudden the ball that was coming off the toe is now being moved back into where it started which is in the middle.

Very, very simple tip you’ve now realized what was causing that ball to come off the toe but more importantly focus on the positive. You now know what to do to put that right. All that it needs is a bit of practice. Practice makes perfect, what are you waiting for. Just get yourself out there, hit some balls and focus on what I'm showing you and kiss goodbye to that ball coming off the toe.