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As a golfer, I think we all understand the fact that golf is a – it’s a game won by patience a lot of the time. It’s a four hour, four and a half hour round of golf on the golf course, and in that time, we’ve got to hit a number of shots, 72 shouts, a hundred shots, however many it takes you. So you need to be patient with each shot. I’m particularly patient when things go wrong. So many times we see people make the odd small mistake because that thing gets compounded to become a bigger and bigger mistake and generally, that’s through lack of patience.

So you might carve a ball out into the roof and you storm up to it and you grab, you’re wedging, you slap it out the roof as hard as you can and you hit it out the roof well and then it goes in a bunker. “Why has that gone in a bunker? It must just be a bad lucky day for me. I’m just not having any luck today.” The reality was because you didn’t line up to that first shot correctly from the roof, you actually had a great recovery shot but you were aiming at a bunker and that’s why it’s gone in the bunker. And you storm into the bunker and fin one out the bunkers to the other side and then take three paths and a lot of this can come down to lack of patience with aiming.

And it’s always our thing that when we get impatient, we rush. And if we rush, we miss parts out of our routine. And the parts of our routine that we know is so important now is aiming. The idea of standing behind the shots, looking down our target fairway, picking a spot, lining up to that spot carefully, going ahead and delivering the club down that target line. And that’s the sort of thing that gets missed out of any golfer’s routine when they become impatient. So when you’re feeling a little bit impetuous and you’re feeling like you want to rush around the golf course and you’re angry with yourself, take a step back, take those couple of deep breaths, and start your routine with good alignments. If you align yourself correctly and you align yourself slowly, hopefully that will bring the emotions back into check, help you get the ball back in play, and help turn a slump of a bad round into the start of a good round.