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So now we're going to look at how balance and rhythm are really integral to making good quality swings. We see a lot of people have technically really good positions within their swing but they don't have good balance. Maybe it's not good natural balance, or not good natural rhythm. But here's a really good drill that will help you instill natural balance, natural rhythm to any of your practice sessions or even on course play.

So you just got to start by taking a nice, short time. I've got a nine-nine here and a ball now setup straight in the middle of my feet but with my feet together. And just to make a couple of little half swings here, just hips to hips and just get the feeling for how--if I start to commit too much and start to throw myself into it, I may become off balance. So, feet together, really nice, short, little pitching actions. And you can just start to hit a few shots like that; feet together, half a swing, pitch it forward, and I should be able to balance after I've hit the golf ball. There's no sense of me trying to fight for my balance or falling over.

Once I've hit a few little pitches like that at the start of my practice session, I can take it up to a slightly bigger club, maybe a six or seven, same thing, putting a little bit more length into my golf swing, maybe take it up to 70%, 80% of power building the swing but definitely not losing any balance. And you should be able to get this right the way up to your driver, obviously back it away a little bit, play the ball in the center of your feet still, nice big turn and turn through. But any sense of you trying to hit this golf ball too hard will result in you struggling and fighting for your balance.

So it's a great exercise just to keep your swing not too out of control, plenty of rhythm in there and then when you widen your stance up, you should feel that you've got that really nice balanced finish because if you can do it with your feet together, you should certainly be able to do it with your feet nice and wide apart. And I hope that drill helps you.