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Should I load up behind the ball during my golf back swing? Now loading up behind the ball it’s often the term which is used when you turn away, get the way moving onto the right leg, onto the right knee and turning into this position. Now this position here is something which you see in so many actual hitting sports, if you think about just the tennis forehand, where the ball comes across court, loading upon to the right side behind the point of impact and then turning through and delivering the blow. The most commonly used and the most basic hitting sports of boxing as you go back you turn load up and then deliver the punch, by moving the weight through the ball. Now using this on a golf swing it’s kind of same kind of fundamental principle. However it can be more effective with different golf clubs. If you are standing with an iron and you start to load up behind the ball, what can actually happen is you can sway and turn away from the ball. And that will cause you to actually have to sway and turn back towards the ball breathing a little bit of inconsistence. Loading up behind the ball is best utilized when you want to hit a very, very big golf drive. So when you get a set up with the driver, the ball position just inside the left here on your head a little bit behind the ball, what will be actively happening here is you are already set behind the ball. As you are already set behind the ball it’s a lot easier just to turn, go into that right knee and rotate fully and you can see here I’m fully loaded behind the ball, ready to turn and ready to unleash all my power into the back of that ball. With an iron it’s not so easy, it can be done but with an iron because you want to be striking slightly down on the ball it’s not so easy to actually turn into this position. It’s a lot easier just to turn and keep the weight nice and central. So if you are thinking about loading up behind the ball try with the driver rather than the irons, because with the driver you are already slightly behind the ball already and you will be able to produce a lot of power and hopefully some very, very big golf shots.