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Now of course it’s all well and good having this great technique and this great golf swing that works beautifully on the driving range, but if you’re not able to actually take out on to the golf course and implement on the golf course and you still start spinning out on the golf course, we need to have a look at how that’s happening, why it’s happening, and how we can correct it. So the spin-out on the golf course will often take three different forms in terms of its results. Balls that land short and right of the green, they’re going to be spin-out. Balls where you hit the top of the golf ball could often be caused by a spin-out. And also pulls, low left pull hooks also caused by spin-outs. Lot of golfers might say, well yeah that’s me; I do all three of those in various amounts of various times.

So spinning out might be the reason why you’re having those three bad shots. So spinning out would be looking up, lifting up and swinging left. So the swinging left is the pull. Looking up, lifting up is hitting the top and actually if we make good contact when we swing left, we’re probably going to see this ball sail from left to right with clockwise rotational spin and land short right to the green. So how can we stop that happening? We need to look at the causes of it. The causes often on the golf course, the fact that you don’t stick to your routine and you get tired and tense. So on the driving range; we’ve got nice routine, nicely relaxed, nice and smooth, staying down smoothly through the ball.

We would go out to the golf course and then we start getting tired and start getting tense and we get a bit anxious to see where the golf ball goes. So a great little result or great little drill really to get out of that spinning out routine is to make sure you have enough club. That’ll mean that you don’t have to hit the ball too hard. So if you need to just take an extra club, then you can be nice and committed but in the knowledge that you’ve got enough club to get the desired distance, you don’t have to stand and try and batter it.

Another great way if you’re still struggling is actually to repeat one of the drills that we did just as a practice swing which is feet together, practice swing and skim the ground a couple of times and you’ll feel that like you’re nice and smooth, nice and steady but quite importantly staying down. Then widen your stance, make one swing staying down, then go ahead and hit the same shot with the same feeling of staying down for impact. And if you can implement those little changes, understanding what a spin-out is, where the spin-out goes, a drill to correct it and a feeling of taking an extra club and swinging nicely within yourself, you too could stop the spin-out shots and improve the accuracy and the distance of where your golf ball goes.