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Video Transcript

So now if we look at a golf club face it has been swung back into an open position. We can look at what that looks like and also the faults that might be causing it. So a club coming back should be to a neutral position here, but if it’s actually getting into a more open position we would call this open as the club is pointing more to the sky. If the club is coming back to an open position let’s understand why that might be happening.

For a lot of golfers they open the clubface up in this position because the right side or the rear leg should I say does too much work, so we see this rear leg sort of lock out and sway away, so the bodyweight goes to the outside, the knee locks back, the hip opens up and we would see the club go into this position, quite a splayed position, quite open with the clubface. If I can keep my rear knee a little bit more engaged and swing the club back I’m going to find that in a better position rather than be back here, so that’s one of the first check points I would like you to look for.

The second thing I would want you to consider is the grip position. Now, generally speaking someone that opens the clubface up too much like this I’m going to suggest they have a weak grip. So they’ve got their hands in a position where the club is turned too far to the left and the right hand is too far on top for the right-handed golfer then during the backswing they turn their hands more in a neutral position and the clubface opens up and points too much to the sky. So if that’s the case I would want you to check that your grip is a nice neutral position, not too strong, not too weak, nice and neutral, then go ahead and turn the hands back and you would get the club into a nice neutral position where the head points more up, that’s going to be a lot easier for you to bring the clubface down into a nice square position.

So if you’ve got issues of opening the club up in your backswing consider your grip position and consider how much movement happens through your right knee and right hip and let’s make sure that clubface comes back into a square halfway back checkpoint.