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So if you ever played golf and you ever tried to improve your golf, I am sure you would have come across the name of Ben Hogan, he is kind of the godfather of modern swing coaching and probably one of the best ball strikers of his day. Oh clearly the best ball striker of his day, probably one of the best ball strikers of all times should I say.

One of his signature moves, one of the key things that he talked about was how good players will often have this left wrist position which is either bowed or flat. And he highlighted a lot of high handicaps that he came across had a bit of a concave left wrist here almost a bit of a scoop for the right handed golf the left wrist was in a upwards position through impact, bringing the golf club from underneath and up into the golf ball, that kind of need or want to try and hit the ball higher puts the left wrist in a bad position. Most professional golfers, most good players would actually notice a very different left wrist position through the impact area; the left wrist would be flat or even quite exaggeratedly in front of the golf ball and getting a nice clean strike down therefore taking good divots after the golf ball.

If you struggle particularly with hitting the ball too high or hitting the ball flat catching the ground behind, just consider whether your left wrist is breaking down incorrectly here in stooping the ball up into the air or whether you are able to get the Hogan left wrist here nicely in front, nicely bowed and then rotating over through impact rather than hinging upwards through impact.

If you go back and look at some Hogan’s videos you will really clearly see how he compressed the ball and squeezed the ball nicely making him one of the best ball strikers. Copy his left wrist move and your ball strike will improve I am sure.