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Now let’s have a little bit of a look at actually fixing the right elbow, the flying right elbow, jarring the golf swing because a lot of people do use that drill and actually feel a little bit uncomfortable with this, a little bit awkward to actually have it in that position. But there are ways and there are other feelings that you can have to try and get that elbow into the correct position. Now what I'm going to do is actually not focus on keeping it connected to the body during the backswing. I am purely going to focus on what you need to be seeing as you start the downswing.

So this is almost a bit of a Jack Nicklaus' drill, so to speak. So when you're going to actually set up to the ball and you're taking it away. If that right elbow comes a little bit away from the body and then gets into that chicken wing position, and it feels super uncomfortable to actually try and change that. What you can do is actually get to the top of that swing, is focus all your energies on bringing the elbow down into the body, as quickly as possible. That feeling of actually getting into the side of the start of the downswing is really what matters. As we explained in kind of previous videos, if that right elbow is away from the body during the backswing, that reconnects into the body during the downswing can become a little bit complicated because there's more moving parts than you'd really want.

But if that backswing does feel super awkward, just try to keep it closer into the body, as long as it’s rejoining that kind of side of the body on the way down, that is what really matters. Now what you want to be seeing as far as the checkpoint goes, if you're going on to the top of the swing, that elbow is flying away. What I want you to do, is actually you come down, try and get that elbow into your side and if you're using a mirror or a video camera, try and get that shaft angle so it’s just pretty much sitting along the right forearm here. Now I will show that not always the elbow reconnected to the body, but that the club hasn’t gone on the outside path. So, it’s up to the top, reconnect and try and get it moving down through that right forearm as you hit. If you're going to hit those key positions, that flying right elbow problem in the backswing will be kind of mitigated and you still should be out to hit some very good golf shots.