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So this next ruling covers a ball that interferes with play being lifted. Now in this situation here, I've got my white golf ball trying to hit towards the red flag here, and the yellow golf ball might be deemed as being in the way. If I'm going to take my stroke here and I want to put the ball through, this ball might be deemed as being in the way. So I can ask this person to move their golf ball to mark it. Now if I am playing a stroke play competition, this person therefore has the option to actually play that ball. If you don't want to mark it, they can actually go ahead and play it in stroke play not in match play.

Now if I’d asked them to move it and they didn't want to play it, it would be okay for them to mark it with a disk at the back similar to how you would mark a ball if you were on the putting green and pick the ball up. But it's got to be careful now, because this ball is not allowed to be cleaned. The person can't clean the ball. They've got to hold it nicely. Let me play my shot and then that golf ball can go back where it was. But there would be no cleaning of that golf ball allowed. Now if we’re on the putting green and the same situation happens, exactly the same rules generally on the putting green a lot of people like to mark their golf ball most of the time.

But on the putting green when you’ve marked your golf ball, you then can clean it. That wouldn't be a problem at all. Now the rest of the time on the rest of the golf course, this person is not allowed to mark their golf ball just because they think they want to or because they think they're in the way. So if they say oh hang on a minute there, I am in your way. I’ll mark it. That's a problem. That's a penalty. It’s actually a two-stroke penalty. What would have to happen in this situation is I would have to have asked them. So me to ask them to mark it, they're not allowed just to offer and then mark it. Because it's an advantage to them to mark it, they might be able to replace it in a better lie.

They might clean the ball in the pocket when no one's watching. So they're not allowed to do that. That's got to stay on the putt. That's got to stay on the surface of the grass the whole time, and lesser on the putting green, then different rules apply. Again the same sort of thing applies to this, breach of the rule, two shot penalty in stroke play, loss of hole in matchplay. Be careful as and when you pick your golf ball up, whether it's interfering with play and whether you are allowed to clean it.