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Video Transcript

So if we’re trying to correct the push slice we’ve got the two elements there, the push and the slice. If we’ve corrected the push now let’s start trying to look at correcting the slice. Now the slice is going to happen on the ball flight where the swing path is swinging left of the club face. So if the club face is more to the right, and the swing path is more to the left that’s going to put the slicing spin on the shot. So we know the swing path is travelling too far left in relation to the face, let’s look at how we can cure that. Now for a lot of golfers they actually make the mistake in the takeaway, the very first few feet away from the golf ball they make a mistake and they probably make the mistake because they’re trying to correct it themselves, they’re trying to make the right thing happen. But actually they make problems worse for themselves, and often it’s an inside takeaway, the golfer brings the club on the inside here thinking that that’s going to bring the club down on the inside and help draw the golf ball, but in reality a lot of golfers bring the club flat on the inside, they swing around their body, they hit a brick wall, they get a bit stuck here, the club can’t go round anymore so it goes up. And now it’s coming around and up, it’s got forwards momentum and it comes over the top, so we have an inside outside over the top movement.

And actually that backswing takeaway could be the problem, so let’s work on taking the club straight back towards the camera this way, and then allowing the club to drop in. So bringing the club down on the inside is a good thing, but we’ve got to make sure we can take the club up and down on the correct line rather than the inside causing the outside which brings you over the top and encourages the slice with an out to in swing path. Another area where we could consider the issues happen is a lazy lower half or a lazy body position, if we don’t use the legs well enough when we get lazy we tend to get to the top and just throw the hands and arms over rather than driving the legs and dropping the club incorrectly from the inside. So if you feel like you’re just standing and whacking with no lower half get that lower half moving to get the club nicely down on the inside. One last area that we could see causing the slice occasionally is casting the golf club or throwing the club from the top, an early release effectively. So in a good position we might have brought the club back to a really nice position here, but now we early release, casting like a fisherman casting a rod you can see that action happening. Casting the golf club takes the club outside the line, swings it left, if the path is left of the face then we’re going to end up slicing the golf ball or curving the ball from left to right, so to stop the early release from here drag the golf club down on the inside and attack that ball from the inside swing path rather than the early releasing casting action, and if you can do those three elements that should start improving the slicing part of the push slice golf shot.