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If like most golfers you want to try and drive the ball further and maximize the distance you can hit off the Tee, it’s always worth looking at the people who drive the ball the farthest on the PGA Tour and trying to have a look at what they do in that technique and see whether it is suitable for you to copy.

Now Gary Woodland is one of the guys at the moment, who is really bombing the ball out that was probably the longest of most people out on tour at the moment. And he has a few little pieces in his golf swing that maybe you could learn to copy to see whether you can maximize your drive a distance as well.

Woodland has a very good setup of the golf ball and actually quite a traditional backswing, it’s a little bit lateral away from the golf ball but the top of the backswing is actually very similar position to most people, big turf, big framed guy 6’1’’ and big turn back away from the golf ball as he drives through the golf ball he really gets himself into an impact position that’s designed to maximize his power. He has a little deep down into hair with the right shoulder dipping down and the head dropping a little bit and a massive opening and clearance of the hips, his hips are far open as they could possibly be. Don’t forget he is a very flexible athlete also. His shoulders maintain quite a square on position which is encouraging the club to swing in a nice straight line, if the shoulders are open and follow the hips he could be in trouble if he pulled them left. So massive opening of the hips, square over the shoulders, stay down through the golf ball and then really maximizing the extension of the right arm through the ball makes a straight line from shoulder through to the shaft and the club head. So a thorough impact, massive extension through here. You will also notice he hits up on the golf ball quite a lot, he hits the ball quite high with a very low lofty driver and the purpose here really is to minimize the back spin on the ball he hits slightly on the way up a nice big high Tee peg hitting from underneath the golf ball and lifting his driver into the air, high shots, nice big rainbow fly which maximizes the distance and the modern club and the modern golf ball.

So if you are struggling a little bit with your driving and you want to try and get an extra bit of distance out there look at Gary Woodland’s impact position, open up the hips square on the shoulders stretch out that right arm and stay down through impact and see if that impact position will help maximize the distance that you can hit the golf ball as well.