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Getting a feeling of the club head at address is a really key part of the overall technique. If you can get an understanding of where the club head is in the hands at address, if you can get the feeling of the club head at address, then the chances are throughout the golf swing, you’re going to be able to feel it much better there as well. Simple commonsense.

But how can you relax yourself down, how can you apply that nice relaxed grip pressure before you start to hit the shot? Now, one of the things that you can definitely do, apart from using the 1 to 10 scale, which we’ve already spoken about, is focus a little bit more on your breathing, and focus a little bit more on relaxing yourself into your address position.

Now, the second nice solid setup, we want those feet within eye, to just be about shoulder width apart, we want those knees to be flexed, and we want that spine to be tilted over. The arms are hanging nice and loosely underneath the shoulders, pretty much straight down from the shoulder to head. Now, as you’re taking this grip, you got to say, you can use the 1 to 10 scale, but you can also just help to relax that grip pressure down by focusing on the breathing while you’re in the address position.

So getting setup, taking that grip, and just before you're about to hit, take a deep breath in, and then as you breathe out, try and relax the arms down, and just try and relax and feel that the tension especially drifting away from the forearms.

People who often struggle to get a sensation off grip pressure, can certainly help themselves by focusing more on arm pressure, and relaxing the arms down. It’s not many of things that many people focus on. So to get a little bit of that better sensation of where the club head is at address, getting in that setup position, that deep breath in, and then relaxing down, allowing the arms to relax down, allowing the forearms to soften, and that will relax your grip pressure as a result. As that grip pressure is relaxed, just pick the club head very, very slightly, and just try and get a sensation of that club head weight. Try and feel it at the bottom of the swing, and then you will be good to go with the rest of the backswing.