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During the full swing feeling where the golf club head is, is obviously very, very important; but it can be compensated by using the big muscles more correctly. During the short game; however, where feel is much more important, where judgment of distance is much more acute with the short range shots actually feeling where the club head is, is almost more important. Now it can use the soft grid.

We've already spoken about how to get that sensation a little bit better; but what are the drills that you can use to again get a sensation of where the club head is. Most importantly within short game; yes, strike is important. So you want to be hitting around the center of the club to get the most control but knowing where your swing arc is, is also very, very important as well. So, how come we can buy-in a drill to get you nice and relaxed [indiscernible] [0:00:53] feeling where the club head is and to understand where your swing arc is as well. The two are very, very interconnected.

The most simple thing to do and it's such a simple drill and I wish more people will do it, is to get yourselves setup just with a wedge and to a target, it doesn’t need to be a long distance away, I'm going to hit to about 50 yards here; but I'm going to get my feet together. So, I'm not going to split them apart. I'm going to get my feet together pointing at the ball, so the ball is banging the center of my stance, my sternum is directly over the golf ball and all I'm actually going to do here is just soften my grip as much as I can, to a grip here about two or three on the one to 10 scale that we've already spoken about, move the shoulders lightly back and just try and get a feeling that the hands and the club are very, very soft. So, almost like I've got a little bit of a delayed lag as I come down into the ball.

So my hand is very, very soft; moving up and down, ball in the center of my stance. I'm just trying to clip those balls away. Now what this will allow you to do is get a real soft sensation of where the club head is. With the soft grid and with the ball positioned in the center at the stance you're in you are in a position that you can hit repeatable shots. Then to start it down to your short game around it you can move your stance, you can over your ball position, you can lengthen the swing. However, if you keep that same soft hand feeling you should get a good sensation of where the club head is at all the times when you’re hitting those short shots.