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Video Transcript

So to be confident for a shot from 100 yards and the you need to know that you are going to be succesful with the types of shot that you are looking to hit. Now we’ve already touched upon the point that many people struggle with hitting their wedges too long or too short and not knowing the distances. Now it’s a lot easier to know the distances with your wedges if you have consistent wedge swings. So what we are going to talk about is just three different swing lengths that you can use with your wedges which will give you three different distances. Now the first kind of – well first of all we talk about a little bit about wedge setup here. So with your wedge setup what you want to be seeing with generally most shots from 100 yards and then just pre setting the hips slightly open maybe only a couple of yards after the left side. But if you want to line up straight it’s not the end of the world. Putting a little bit of weight on the front foot and what I'm going to do here is I'm going to play all this shots from the middle of my stance. If you want to set it higher you can move it further forward if you want it to lower you can move it further backward to lower its angle of attack.

But I'm going to be moving this ball just into the centre of my stance putting about 60% to the weight on my front foot and my hand on the inside of the head of the ball I'm now good to go. Now my first swing length here is I'm going to take the club back I'm going to set my wrist and I'm going to get my left arm nice and pile out onto the ground. So this is my half distance swing now for example with my 52 degree wedge here lest say for arguments sake you went 60 yards. On my very next swing if I take it up and go to a three quarter position let’s say the shot went 70 yards and then if took the swing on and went into a full swing position let’s say that went 8 yards. And I spent a good week just practicing those swing lengths and nailing down those distances.

When I get to a golf course if I have a shot let’s say 60 yards in I know the shot that I need to play I know the club that I have that can achieve that distance. And that is how I can get confidence over those shots from 100 yards. Knowing my swing distances practicing my swing technique and really grooving in how far this ball is going to be pitching. That’s how you can get onto the course and understand the knowhow can really sharpen up on those shots from a 100 yards in it.