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What should I feel to create a more connected golf swing? Now a connected golf swing very, very simply put is when the arms don’t escape from the body movement on the actual backswing and the throw swing, a disconnected swing will see the arms and the arms fly away from the body and then have to have a big reroute and a big redirection on the way down into the ball. A connected backswing is when the body and arms turn back as one as one unit, is also known as a one piece takeaway or a one piece swing. When the arms and the hands stay connected with the body the shoulders and the torso just rotate away from the ball and everything stays nice and connected and everything stays together.

Now a great way to practice this and a reason you do want to practice this as well, is it creates the connection and it creates much more consistency, there's less moving parts and there's fewer things going on with a connected golf swing. And in that kind of situation and in that case it's going to be a much more consistent swing overall. Now a great way to practice this is to just get an older rug or an old towel or a T-shirt and to pop it underneath the arms or so. And if you pop it underneath the arms as soon as you swing away and those arms were to come away from the body the towel or whatever you have got underneath the arms would fall out. Now this is a very strange and actual very awkward feeling for a lot of people, so you don’t have to practice straight away with a full swing, just have a little half swing to begin with, getting settled the same way turning back and through keeping the arms and the body connected.

And to begin with the feeling is very awkward, it's very, very constrained. However when this it’s lifted away and after you've practiced this for a while you will start to get the feeling of that connection, so as you can pop it away after you've hit quite a few balls using that technique all of a sudden you just feel the absence of the towel or the rug underneath the arms, you can turn back and through trying to get the same feeling of a nice connected golf swing. So a connected golf swing a one piece take away it’s the same kind of terminology and it will give the same result which is more consistency of the shots and less moving parts throughout the golf swing.