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When you’re starting to work on your backswing there are certain key positions that you want to be hitting throughout the backswing technique. So for example, if you're looking to have what you an on playing golf swing, an on playing backswing; you would want that club head to be travelling straight back. Two position ways pretty much set in front to the hands of this half way stage, before it travels up and see it's pretty much over the right shoulder at the top off the backswing.

However, during the golf swing you can't exactly stop and look and get into those positions. What you could do that you might put [indiscernible] [0:00:40]. So, how do you get a sensation of where that club head is throughout the backswing? There is a fantastic drill that you can use and it works pretty much every time to people to get the sensation in where they’re at. Now you may need a little bit of equipment here. So, you're going to need just a mirror that’s behind you, you can do this in your bedroom if you are at a driving range where you have a mirror behind you as well. This can certainly be of a big benefit, but get yourself set up.

We know now how to get relaxed at this address position to get a little bit more or better sensation of where the club head is; but all you need to do here just close your eyes, take the club back and then in relation to your hands try and get a sensation of where the club head is on. Now for example, if you're prone to taking the club a long way on the inside and to get the club drifting out behind the body here. What you can do is close your eyes, take the club back, try and guess about where the club head is in relation to the hands when you're looking straight back into a mirror and then check.

Now if that club head is straight back in from the hands then you will have the sensation that you need and you'll have the feeling of the club head during that takeaway, during that backswing to get it into the correct position and if you do this time and time again and you work on this and you can repeat this. If you'll take it in back you'll get a sensation and you'll be able to feel these different positions throughout the backswing. Just lining that great pressure as we've already spoken about relaxing down to address then using this drill will give you such a best understanding of where that club head is at throughout the backswing.