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So let's look at the takeaway for your golf swing. What I'd like you to think about doing is making a good, solid one-piece takeaway. Now, a good one-piece takeaway from a nice address position here to start with I feel should be dominated by the left shoulder and the left shoulder should push your way underneath your chin, taking your hand, arm, and shaft all the way in one nice movement.

So the correct way I'd like to see you do this--this is just with a six iron I've got here--is let my left shoulder push away underneath my chin and everything turns away in one solid movement. So the left shoulder to chin takes me nice and wide. There's no lifting motion in the chin there either, so it's a nice turning away. Now, the fault that we often see for people here would be too much wrist action in the backswing, too much scooping or bending or flicking. So, we want the shoulder to dominate the movement. And don't feel like you use too much hand action until you got a little bit higher up in your back swing.

And a great checkpoint from the back angle here would be to get nice and square. And if you've got maybe a mirror or a patio door that's got a window on it so you can actually see your reflection. As you make a nice one piece turn away to this point, I'd like to get to a position where as you've turned your shoulder your hands get level with your hips and the shaft actually points straight back down your target line, kind of level to your toe line as well. But then if you look into the mirror, you should be able to get to a position where the club head sits nicely on top of your hands.

Obviously, you can't actually see your hands because the club head's right in line with them. And if you really want to get nice and advanced here, look for the angle of the club face and see that the angle of the club face mirrors the angle of my spine. The club face would be too open in this position where it's facing up to the sky. It would be too closed in this position, which is facing sort of horizontal down back to the floor. But if I make a nice one-piece turn from a good setup, I should see that my club sits on top of my hands and my face angle is nicely level and parallel to my back angle. So, that is a nice one-piece takeaway; everything moving in one unit and that should allow everything to work really nicely up to the top of the swing.