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Video Transcript

If you are struggling with the vertical height of your golf shots, by that I mean hitting the top or hitting the floor too much thins and fats then maybe this next exercise where we look at rotating your golf swing around your spine angle will help you. For a lot of golfers, if they hit the top of the ball or they hit the ground too much, their playing partners will always tell them, you lifted your head up or you dipped your head into it. But actually, the head isn’t really doing that on its own. The head is just a puppet of what the spine angle is doing. So if I set up the golf ball, I set my spine into a good angle position here. If my spine angle goes up and down, my head has to go up and down as well. And actually the spine angle is very often the cause of the head lifting or the head dipping therefore the topping or the fatting of a golf ball. So if we can get your golf swing to rotate around your spine more consistently, I’m sure you’ll hit the ball better.

Really good exercise to make sure you get the feeling of rotating around your spine is just to start off with a sort of club held out to a baseball height here and then just swing around and back through on a vertical spine. So we are not tilting the spine here, we set the spine angle up nice and straight and we swing back and around. And as long as the club stays nicely horizontal all the way back and all the way through, I’m now I’m rotating around my spine. If my spine angle was tilted as I did this, the club would go up and if I was to lean back as I did this, the club would come down. So nice stable spine angle and around and a back. It’s quite a good warming up exercise as well; it gives you the feeling that you have started to turn your spine angle nicely. Now what we want to do is tilt that spine to a good angle and then get the same feeling of rotation. So this time I’m going to tilt myself forward to my golf posture, place the golf club nicely over my shoulders and now rotate. And as I turn, that handle goes downwards down there and my spine has been maintained. If I was to turn and stand up which is quite a common problem, you see how the golf club points across the room there.

So if I was to set up, make a good swing, my spine angle’s maintained, make a back swing, my spine angle stands up and I’m going be struggling to get back down to the ball, possibly topping the ball. Now the good feeling now is to add in the down swing point the handle down to the ball then point the club head down to the ball. You can see I’ve still maintained my spine angle. I haven’t made the classic golfer’s mistake of lifting out which everyone in turn says, you lifted your head. In the reality it wasn’t the head lifting, it was a spine angle lifting. So if in this side I take my setup, I set my good spine angle, I point the handle down to the ball, I point the club head down to the ball. If I’m making this turndown to through motion, my spine angle is maintained. I’m going to be striking the ball more consistently. So if you could warm up with your baseball swings, or your club across shoulders spine angle tilt, I’m sure when you go out and play, you’ll be more consistent with your spine angle, more consistent with your head position, therefore more consistent with the contact on the ball.