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Now Hank Haney has a reputation for teaching over 200 professional players and Tour players in his time. He’s going to be remembered for one person in his entire career, that’s going to be Tiger Woods. Now whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing, you maybe sometimes feel a bit sorry for the guy, that he might get thorns with the Tiger Woods bush but helped Tiger Woods go through his most successful period where at one point in time his winning percentage was 45%.Now clearly, Tiger Woods is a good student to have but to be able to model that student and remodel that student, it’s a real responsibility. It’s like being asked to sort of touch up the Sistine Chapel roof. It’s not a job that everyone would be good at. Haney really embraced it, did a lot of great work with Tiger Woods, and produced, like I said, the most successful win record in the history of the game for a long period of time.

He’s then gone on and wrote the book The Big Miss which is a great book. If you went into your golf books and you like a story about Tiger, it’s a really good book. It’s quite a detailed book actually, quite a lot about coaching. It isn’t all about the sensational stories that you might expect that he was criticized for. It’s actually a really fairly truthful book. I think it paints Tiger in actually quite a positive light.

A lot of people say that when they finished reading the book, it’s more positive light than they expected. So Haney deserves the credit for doing a good job with Tiger Woods. He’s now retired from teaching Tour players. He does his media work. He focuses on the Haney Project which teaches celebrities.

It’s quite an interesting approach to the game of golf, actually watching a celebrity learn how to play the game. Clearly you’re only seeing the faults they have in their own individual game but it shows that even the world’s best athletes, with some good coaching, some still have some fairly funky golf swings, but can actually produce some really good results.

So, for a lot of people, that might motivate them to improve their game and take on the game of golf nicely like that. In terms of Haney’s theories in his golf swing, he has a little different approach. He likes to see the golf club swing up and down on perfectly the same line. Not strictly a one-plane golf swing. It’s a little bit steeper than one plane. One plane golf swing is more around with the left arm sort of across your shoulder line.

Haney’s quite steep backswing position but coming down in exactly the same path. It worked well for Tiger Woods for a period. Tiger did some really good play. Then he started to go off a little bit. Haney got the criticism that maybe it was coming to him but good guy, good golf coach, and about a $10,000 lesson, if you fancy a day with Hank Haney, $10,000 a day. So he’s obviously doing something right in the game.