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So now let's look at how a full shoulder turn can really help you with your golf swing and maybe try to eliminate some of those slice shots you might be hitting. For a right-handed golfer, when you make a full back swing, you should see your left shoulder come right the way around, so almost two points with the ball. So it's a 90-degree shoulder turn in relation to where your target line is.

Now, the good little tip to see when you can get this right is take a golf club, place it over your fore--over your upper arms here, almost over your shoulder so it points toward a target. Now, tilt forward to your golf posture and try and turn your shoulders until you see the club handle point down towards where the golf ball is. And that would tell you whether you're getting a good 90-degree rotation of shoulders or whether you're shorter than that or maybe even too far around, which might result in some collapsing down here with the legs. So, over your shoulders, turn it around, try and point it down towards the golf ball keeping the head quite still and the legs quite still also.

Just showing it out from a different angle this way from here where the club points towards the target, rotate the shoulders so the handle points down towards the ball. Try and resist any lifting action or even any dipping action going on with the legs here. Nice little rotation round. And the reason why that's quite important is when you rotate correctly, your hands will move round into a good position at the top allowing you to come back down into a good position on the way down.

The reason why lack of shoulder rotation results in some slice shots is if you don't quite turn your shoulders, often the club will be out too far in front of you and then come forwards and over the top, the classic over-the-top slice position. Whereas a better shoulder rotation will often set the hands a little bit more behind you, allowing the club to come down behind you, resulting a little bit more of an inside swing approach towards the ball, maybe hitting draws, certainly straighter shots and avoiding the over-the-top slice. So, good shoulder rotation of the back swing is essential for improving your golf.