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Video Transcript

This next section of golf videos has a lot of miniseries. It’s not necessarily the most common thing that I see in a regular basis, but it is probably the thing I see that most golfers struggle to get out of, and it takes them a longer period of time to make this chance. It’s such a difficult change to make and that’s because the fault actually happens right at vital point of impact. It’s actually quite difficult to capture on camera. It’s very difficult to do drills with and it’s actually the golfer doesn’t necessarily appreciate that it’s happening at that point and this fault is the early release or the pre-release.

Now, let’s just – covering detail exactly what that is before we start to get into how we can affect the change to it. So a golfer in a good set position will have a very small hand press forward setup and that hand press forward should then be a bigger hand press forward as an impact. So the impact position for this hind shot should have the hands slightly left and sent to the point of impact. Now, the way we get that is we create an angle on the backswing. We maintain some of that angle to impact in the or ahead of the golf ball but an early release or a pre-release is taking this angle and reducing it to getting rid of it too soon with a flicking or scooping action coming down to the golf ball and the club will actually beat the hands to the ball and the golfer will be in this position at impact.

And for most golfers, this is a subconscious thing. This is not intentional. They don’t get to hear, try and scoop the ball and try and help the ball up into the air. They do it out of a subconscious sort of feeling that they want to try and hit the ball harder so coming down particularly for a lot of right-handed golfers. If you’re a right-handed person playing right handed, you’re going to try and fire that right hand to hit that ball as hard as you can and actually that can cause its own problems. So it’s unintentional early release and scoop is a very, very difficult problem to get rid of. Hopefully, throughout these next videos, I can give you some information about how you can change some drills to back these changes up.