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Maintaining your spine angle the angle that you adopt to the addressed position. It’s super important if you wanted to be a consistent ball striker and hit long straight accurate golf shots. So therefore if we lose the spine angle when we stand up or we sway back, we know we're going to create a host of other problems that can cause us issues, therefore returning back to the golf ball, not in the same place each time. So once you've gone ahead and addressed the golf ball with the correct spine angle, we're going to look at what could go wrong.

Well you could sway back with the spine, too much body weight on the right side for a right-handed golfer. That's no good. We could reverse pivot this way. That's going to be no good or we could stand up this way. So all three of those issues become a bit of a problem for golfers who are inconsistent. So here I'm going to give you a couple of little drills that I hope will help maintain that good spine angle. Now if you feel that you stand up too early in your golf swing, you early extend, and that can happen either in the backswing or the downswing.

The backswing motion would look like this where you stand up as you lift the club up. The downswing motion would look like this where as you swing down, you pop out of the shot. A simple child's game of playing windmills is a great way of correcting this. So we're going to pop the feet down about the golf width apart. We're going to put our hands out like a kid playing windmills and we are going to then tilt forwards into our golf posture. And now as we turn back, the left hand should come down and point towards the ball as the right hand goes in the sky.

And then the right hand would come down, point to the ball again. And we should be able to just swing back and through keeping our hands and arms coming back to that position. Now if I start to stand up, you can see where my arms go, certainly on a wrong plane. So I want to tilt back down again, get my hands and arms on the correct plane. The same thing from this angle, tilting forwards and then around on the plane and back to the same position. And again as soon as I pop out with my spine angle, I'm on the wrong plane. Now effectively your arms are going to be holding the golf club.

So if I'm on the correct plane, my hands and arms are coming back down with the club to the right position. But as soon as I stand up, you can see my arms go all over the place. So that would be the golf club trying to go all over the place. I then have to manipulate the club back down to the golf ball and that can be very confusing, and very difficult to do, certainly very difficult to do on a regular basis. You are going to end up being very inconsistent with that. One of the great exercises to try and help you maintain your spine angle particularly in the backswing and the downswing as well, would be to take your longest club.

So for example the driver here lay it across your shoulders and tilt forwards to good golf posture. And then as you swing back, turn your shoulders and feel how the handle of that golf club points down towards the ball. So I feel like a sweep back towards the ball here and then I turn my shoulders coming through. And notice how the club head should again point down towards the golf ball. If I was to early extend or stand up, I’d feel like I was pointing across the room or pointing across the room again here. So it's front shoulder to the ball, rear shoulder to the ball.

If you don't have room to do that with a club in the house, maybe even just hands over the shoulders, turning back and turning back. You feel like these two ends go down and up and then down and up, and that all works around the central column of your spine angle. The spine angle stays still, the shoulders are turning nicely. The more consistently you can maintain that good spine angle, the more consistently you can strike that golf ball, accurate shots, longer shots, more consistent golf shots, who wouldn't like that in their game?