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Video Transcript

So this game here I've got myself set with five golf balls. I've got an umbrella laid out 20 paces away and behind that there's a flag around about 27-28 paces away. Now position the umbrella where I think is in roughly my landing zone for hitting the ball up onto that flag. So as I'm setting up to the ball now the umbrella becomes my target. That's my visualization that I'm going to try and hit the ball into the umbrella and give myself the best chance of getting this close to the pin. So I'm going to try and flop the ball up, land the ball, ah that's actually hit the basket in the umbrella. Surely that's double points cameraman is that not?

Lining up again, trying to land another one in the umbrella. That's two. I did say five in a row from this shot would be good. Ah its big. Oh flick the top, half a point for flicking the top of the brolly. Just rolls past the flag because it was a little bit long. She's an all day long that one. Ah a little bit short, going to have to take a half a bounce. Don’t get a point for that last one because that really was short of the intended target. It should have made a little bit further up. But four out of five landing in the umbrella was a real success story because if the umbrella wasn't in the way those balls would have rolled up close enough to that red flag at the back to give me a real good opportunity of a of an up and down of a one putt up and down. And the benefits of having this sort of umbrella out there is it gives you instant feedback on the success of whether you've hit a good shot or not so lay five balls down there lay 10 balls down there. If you're really struggling with your pitching maybe lay a lot more down and see what your success rate is hitting into an umbrella.

Now if the umbrella there is 20 paces away we've got a basic pitch shot off grass. Ideally we want to be getting up to 50% if not more landing in the umbrella. Depending on handicap you know if you're a high handicap you might take two out of ten but if you are a good golfer you'll be looking at 50% plus landing in the umbrella zone. And again I keep hammering this point home about these games, but great visualization when you take it on the golf course looking at your distance to the flag imagine an umbrella half way there, think about pitching the ball into the umbrella like you've done in practice. Let the ball run and release out to the flag. The good visualization of these games is a real plus point of this plus it's giving you something hard and fast to focus on in your practice rather than just tapping balls upon to the green. See if when you're playing the flop shot umbrella game you can score more than 50%.