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Video Transcript

There’s a really good exercise to make sure that you are not going to quit on any of your bunker shots. If you are used to hitting the nice two inches behind the ball but you still don’t seem like you can get the ball out on the green this is a good exercise to make sure that you are always accelerating through. It’s taking sort of an extension of the exercise we just did, the money ball exercise on the previous video where we had a dollar bill size shape of sand and we were trying to hit that to get that ball to come out. Now that would tell me that I’m hitting the sand at the point. But watch if I did this first one I hit the sand at the right point but I look where the sand goes. It only really just comes up to the edge of the green. Now if I did that with the balls, the chance the ball would only come to the edge of the green. So to encourage me to not quit on this I want to try and hit this dollar bill of section of sand now. I want to try and hit it to as far back on that green if I can. So what’s the sand this time I’m going to hit into the same place but I’m going to try and throw that sand up the length of the green.

And I know that if I had a ball in the middle of that section of sand, if I can throw the sand up the green, the ball will come out on that as well. So if you’re used to slowing the club down and stopping and decelerating and the sand only gets to here, next time you’re in a bunker try and play the sand out as far as you can. So if I take the ball this time and put it on here I’m not really going to take too much attention of what the ball does if I’m doing this drill. This drill is more about making sure the sand comes out and I can guarantee the ball is not going to come out short on here so there’s my dollar bill around there, make a nice smooth contact on that back line and be really committed to just making sure the sand pops out on to the green so hit in. Try and hit over the sand out on to the green and the ball comes out nicely in the middle of that patch of sand and lands on the green.

If you have been guilty of decelerating and slowing down and the ball doesn’t come out of the bunker, that’s a really good exercise. Drew a dollar bill around the ball, practice firing all of that dollar bill on to the green, watch the sand knock the ball and guaranteed you’ll get more bunk shots out of the bunker and leave less of them short of the flag.