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Video Transcript

A lot of players that are looking to improve that golf game overlook the key fundamental of building up a proper golf stance. All your power, all your energy, all your balance is drawn from the ground upwards. And yet it is one part of technique that many people simply overlook, and just stand by the side of the golf ball.

Building up an affective and building up a correct golf stance can help you improve not only ball striking but also swing dynamics. A lot of people get confused to think about how building your stance correctly can help improve the top of the backswing position for example, but it really, really can help.

Now before we start building up the stance and before we start this video series really cracking on with how building up the stance can improve, pretty much every aspect of your game, there is a few things that you need to understand. When you are building your stance you are building your stance for stability. And if you are building your stance for stability, please ensure that the equipment that you are using, your golf shoes are correct, they have the right amount of studs in, if you are using a cleat, well they have enough grooves on the actual nubbins on the bottom of the shoe to hold on to the ground. You need to ensure that your stance is stable, not only from a foot position point of view, but also stability on the shoe as well.

So what we are going to do now we are going to talk about foot positions, we are going to talk about ball positions, we are going to talk about how you can build up your stance on an uneven lies as well and hopefully help improve this vital aspect of your technique.