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Video Transcript

One thing that has to be correct if you want to kind of achieve the most successful and the most consistent strikes through the ball is the way we shift weight back and through. Now it’s something which is pretty easy to understand but not so easy to actually implement in the swing because there are so many moving body parts. Generally what we want to be seeing in the back swing is our weight to be shifting just very slightly onto our left knee. Not by much. See as I turn away with my shoulders my waist stays pretty much central with just a little bit more attention in this left knee here. It’s not a lot, it’s not a big sway away from the ball, if we are talking in percentages at address. I’m 50-50 kind of weight distribution between my feet, and as I turn back I’ve now shifted about 55% of my weight on to my back foot. And all that does, it just allows me to turn fully and then get ready for a real turn and a real kind of delivery of power into the shot. Now the movement through the ball as far as the weight transfer is concerned is very similar to a lot of the hitting spots.

So if you think about tennis it’s that kind of movement there with the weight moving forward turning through transferring the weight. In boxing exactly the same, a little bit back turning through and then the weight coming forward onto the front foot. It’s exactly the same in golf. So we’ve got a decent backswing, 55% or so weight on this left flag here and then we turn the hips through and it impacts our hands are just ahead and it’s pretty much the same. You’re now getting about 55%, 60% of weight on to your right leg and then turning through up to a full finish position. So it’s not a massive amount of transfer back and through but it is just enough to be able to turn and deliver puncheon to deliver power into the shot.

So just have a swing so a slight transfer back onto the front and then a turn and a transfer through. At the actual finish position here you can see my weight has now come fully onto my front foot. Although that doesn’t have a direct bearing on the actual strike that will show that you swung full – swung through very fully got the weight transferring over and you’re up onto that front leg bouncing on the back turn. So give that away it’s kind of transferring you weight, and go have a little bit of practice with it, have a bit of a play with it and see how it affects your shots. I think hopefully the ball striking should improve and your overall distance should improve as well.