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Now, we often talk about how the good players, the professionals that you see on the television were really nice on keeping good quality balance throughout their golf swing and most players will actually start a good balance position when they swing the club from the address position. But Keegan Bradley is a bit of an exception. He tends to start with his body weight a little bit back on his heels. For my liking, a bit too far back on his heels but who might say, the guy has won a major championship so we can't argue with him.

But, when you take the address position to the golf ball, we'd like you to be really balanced so your body weight is evenly left and right. It could also evenly distributed toes and heels. Keegan Bradley tends to sit a little bit into his heels. His bum sets a lot further out than his heels and he tends to lean back a little bit into it and then makes a slight adjustment for that during his swing. So, a couple of checkpoints that you could utilize just to make sure you're nice and evenly balanced.

The first would be take your normal setup position and then just hang the golf club from the middle point of your right hip so it's hanging just about on the seam of your trouser and if it hangs down vertically, it should settle towards the center of your foot. If you hit a rock, your hips back a little back here. You can see how the club now hangs down behind me but like as plumb bob, it hangs at the back of my foot rather than more towards the center of my foot.

Another great way of getting that position right is get a nice setup position there and then just tap the toes and tap the heels and they should feel as light or as heavy as each other. If all, my body weight goes back on to my heels Keegan Bradley style, my toes can pop up really evenly but I can't shift my heels unless I rock forward likewise too far forwards, my heels can come up but I can't shift my toes. So, nicely balanced center of the feet, pop the toes, pop the heels. Now, I'm really comfortable. Now, I can go ahead and make a good consistent swing from that position.

Your balance should be maintained throughout your golf swing that everything is evenly balanced throughout your swing. That's the best way to make a nice consistent powerful position. So, just check with your body weight as a similar position to Keegan Bradley's and if it is, try and get it more to the center of the feet and I hope that works for you as well.