Bridgestone Tour B330 S Top Ball Review
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    The Bridgestone Tour B330 S is designed and engineered by and for Tour professionals looking for maximum Tour spin and increased distance. For achieving this goal, the Bridgestone Tour B330 S comes fully packed with state of the art technologies, such as the SlipRes cover for outstanding performance,and the new and improved TOURcore design, working in tandem for promoting higher friction for increased spin from the rough and, in the same time, less spin off the driver for amazing distance. The Bridgestone Tour B330 S is benefiting from a new engine, i.e. the new core, now 6% bigger than in the previous generation, which works wonders in terms of increasing ball speed/distance and reducing spin off the driver, promoting distance like never before, and it does it using a revolutionary material used in the core's built, which does in one layer what other companies achieve using two or three.

    This state of the art composite material uses a patented gradient technology in the ball's core, delivering more power and a smoother/softer energy transfer. Also, the new and improved Bridgestone Tour B330 S features the highest performing coating ever made by the company, boasting a phenomenal friction coefficient rating, which maximizes green-side spin while delivering optimum spin from the rough, for longer distance. Truth be told, achieving these features simultaneously is nothing short of a miracle, a marvel of Bridegestone's R&D department. The Bridgestone Tour B330 S is a little bit softer than its B330 sibling, for providing increased green side spin, while the patented/proprietary SCT (Seamless Cover Technology) makes for unparalleled consistency, i.e. a golf ball which excels when it comes to accuracy, trajectory and distance, shot after shot, round after round. Last but not least, the Bridgestone Tour B330 S offers the best wind performance in its category, thanks to its patented dual-dimple coating pattern, which comes with specially designed inner dimples (smaller ones) for reducing drag and promoting a rapid elevation. The outer dimples, which are larger, offer a shallow angle when the ball is landing, for better/increased roll-out. The main advantage of the dual dimple cover technology is increased distance and additional consistency in windy conditions.

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