In golf the knees are imperative for a solid golf swing. During the takeaway the arms and left shoulder initiate the takeaway while the lower body remains still. Once the club reaches waist high, the wrists hinge, hips begin to rotate and the left shoulder turns under the chin while the hands continue up to the top of the backswing. A little known secret of the golf swing includes maintaining the original knee bend, which in turn helps deliver more power at impact. In fact, the right and left knee flex maintain the original knee flex during the backswing.

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The golf swing is a rotational movement where the arms swing the club around the spine. Lateral movements generally involve some form of swaying throughout the swing. However, in golf the knee bend is directly responsible for many vertical movements. Specifically, the right knee straightens and the left knee dips. When this happens the spine angle moves from the original position to an upward position, and then must return back, similar to the original position at address. There are several compensations occurring that typically result in inconsistent contact. The swing is difficult enough, especially when you factor in additional and unnecessary movements that occur in the second you swing the club. With additional and extra steps it should be simple to understand how difficult it is to make solid and consistent contact. Now, just imagine if you maintain the original spine angle. One simple move such as straightening the right knee during the backswing causes an entire chain reaction of extra movements that make creating a consistent and repeatable swing almost impossible.

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