Drill 2 Stable Legs 1

It’s not so easy to tell if your knees are overactive during the swing. Look down at your legs and you’ll miss the ball, right?

However, there is a way to gauge your knees’ movement and improve your lower-body stability. All you need is a range ball basket or similar object (like a soccer ball or basketball). Here’s the drill.

  • Place the basket between your knees, squeezing them together just firmly enough to hold it in place.
  • Make a half swing going back and check the basket’s position.
  • Drill 2 Stable Legs 2If it falls to the ground or points well behind the ball, your knees are too active.
  • If it points just behind the ball, you’re in good shape.
  • Try hitting a few balls this way, making short swings with a short iron.
  • Don’t worry if you struggle to hit solid shots with the basket in place – it’s pretty difficult. The important thing is to keep those knees as steady as possible and build power-producing resistance between the upper and lower body.