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Arnold Palmer ranks not only among golf’s greatest and most popular players, but also its most unique. Take his putting stance, for example.

Palmer employed a narrow stance with his toes pointed inward and his knees nearly touching. This style wasn’t some idiosyncrasy Arnie developed as a youngster, but a conscious effort to stabilize his lower body.

The son of a golf pro, Palmer believed that only the hands, arms and shoulders should move during the putting stroke. Motion below the belt was to be avoided at all costs, so Palmer locked in the knees to cement his hips and legs.

Palmer’s style has additional benefits, too. A toes-and-knees-in stance: 

    arnies putt
  • Distributes weight across the insides of the feet, promoting a short, compact stroke.
  • Centers weight in the middle of the body, ensuring the stroke bottoms out in the same spot.
  • Improves balance and helps keep the head still, giving the golfer a solid feeling over short putts.

 If you’re struggling to stay stable on the greens, give Arnie’s method a try. You may not putt like the King, but you might just see some improvement.

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