Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution Top Golf Shaft Review
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    1. Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution Top Golf Shaft Review

    Fujikura built this “beast” of a shaft using a brand new/proprietary and highly elastic carbon fiber composite material, for providing an excellent combo of control and energy transfer. Also, the Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution golf shaft is cleverly designed, helping you with an easier launch and acceleration, compared to the old Motore Speeder. Now, regarding tech specs, the Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution is available in two versions: 77.5 grams and 79.5 grams, having a torque of 3.3. To describe it in a few words, the 757 Evolution is made for fast and aggressive swings and it's aimed at golf players seeking for the ultimate experience in terms of feel and consistency. To keep the weight as low as possible, the Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution is built using a new 50t Triax fabric-core, but without compromising a bit in terms of stability, while the unique/proprietary carbon sheets and resin materials used into its construction help with maximizing acceleration during your swing and through impact. Another staple of the Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution is its solid feel and the smooth load, making for an excellent option if you're looking to get more distance into your golf game, and I'm glad to see that Fujikura is able to take an already awesome product and make it even better.

    Fujikura Pro 73 Tour Top Golf Shaft Review
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    2. Fujikura Pro 73 Tour Top Golf Shaft Review

    Besides all these advanced technologies, the Fujikura Pro 73 is a true looker, so you may be lured initially by its design, but you'll stay for the top-notch performance. Beauty meets brains in the latest Fujikura Pro 73, and that's an amazing achievement in my book. With the Fujikura Pro 73, the company managed to kick the nail in the head, as this baby is just the right stuff sort to speak, blending all the excellent characteristics of their previous generations into one just right combination. And if there's one department where the Fujikura Pro 73 really shines is the feel. The Pro offers the ideal amount of kick while keeping a tight feel, and all these tech specs and features translate into really good numbers in real life, i.e. on the golf course. The Fujikura Pro 73 can be described as an outstanding bombing combo, offering low spin, high speeds, long drives and a tight dispersion. Bottom line, the Fujikura Pro 73 looks great and offers tons of performance, feels smooth and tight and makes for an excellent choice, being very easy to recommend!

    Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie Top Shaft Review
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    3. Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie Top Shaft Review

    The new Tie series is composed from the Black Tie, which is low, the White Tie, which is high and the Red Tie, which is perfect, as in middle. Basically, everything is about spin and launch angles. The Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie features a classic Matrix colorway and, a nice touch in my book, now you can laser-etch your name right by the logo. In terms of game play and performance, I must tell you that the feel is absolutely outstanding in the Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie, featuring Matrix's traditional smooth release, in a hinge like way. Definitely, the Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie is the best in terms of feel of the bunch. And after testing all three of them on the golf course, I must reiterate my initial statement: the Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie is the best in terms of overall performance, i.e. trajectory, spin, distance and feel, they're all off-charts, making for this baby the right one and very easy to recommend.

    Talamonti LS-70 Top Golf Shafts Review
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    4. Talamonti LS-70 Top Golf Shafts Review

    The Talamonti LS-70 golf shaft doesn't feel too hard or harsh to load, even if you're not the strongest player out there, i.e. it will fit almost all golf types, regardless of your swing speeds. Another thing worth mentioning is that the twisting and torquing when it comes to mishits is barely noticeable in the Talamonti LS-70. Also, the Talamonti LS-70 offers a low launch trajectory and reduced spin, the weight feels just right, in the sweet spot, the dispersion is there as it should be, while the spin and the launch are optimal. Basically, the new Talamonti LS-70 was created for delivering the lowest spin possible for longest drives, and it does just that with flying colors. If you're looking for a top notch golf shaft for providing you with a super low spin, yet allowing in the same time for a very decent launch angle, the Talamonti LS-70 will fit you like a glove. Also, this baby has a very cool look, and you'll definitely enjoy the boost in confidence, being very hard to miss on the golf course. The feel is nothing short of amazing and you'll absolutely love the smooth transition when playing, from start to finish.

    Aldila Tour Blue and Green Top Golf Shafts Review
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    5. Aldila Tour Blue and Green Top Golf Shafts Review

    After taking these babies for a test drive on the golf course, I've discovered that the Aldila Tour Blue can be described as a higher-launching mid-spin shaft, feeling much better than the stock shaft I've used before, being easier to load and incredibly smooth, with a real nice feel. Again, compared with the stock shaft, the Aldila Tour Blue felt tighter with excellent accuracy, with a tad more carry than I would have expected. The biggest advantage of the Aldila Tour Blue is its excellent feel and high launch, with optimal spin, being a good fit for better players looking for Tour level accuracy and feel. The Aldila Tour Green is very long and offers a lower flight, yet it feels just and nice and tight compared to the Blue. I also noticed a slight drop in terms of spin, which translated into more distance and outstanding accuracy off the tee. Both Aldila Tour Blue and Green worked wonders in boosting confidence and depending upon your golf style and your specific needs, you'll definitely going to enjoy the control, feel and balance these babies offer, as both feel very good, they look great and they make for a very popular SLDR combination.

    Golf Shafts Top 7 Reviews Golf Shaft Review
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    6. Golf Shaft Review

    The shaft in your golf club is like the engine in your car. If you don’t have the right engine for your vehicle, it won’t allow you to reach maximum performance. Imagine that you purchased a large pickup truck that you are going to use to pull a trailer all around town. The trailer is heavy, so you are relying on the power of the truck to get it moving. However, the truck came with a small 4-cylinder engine that was meant for a compact car. As a result, your truck is going to be useless when it comes to pulling the trailer. It isn’t enough to just get a quality shaft – you need to get a shaft that is well-suited to the job at hand. There is nothing wrong with the small 4-cylinder engine in the example above, as it is perfect for powering the compact car. However, when put to use in a pickup truck hauling a trailer, it fails miserably. The same can be said of golf shafts. If you have a swing speed around 90 MPH, and you use a shaft meant for someone that swings well over 100 MPH, you aren’t going to get good results.

    Talamonti Light 55 Top Shaft Review
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    7. Talamonti Light 55 Top Shaft Review

    The Talamonti Light 55 is designed with a stable blend profile, which is also incredibly smooth, for delivering top notch performance and feel in all flexes. This baby will suit you like a glove regardless of your skill level; whether you're a weekend warrior or a Tour player, with a low or high swing speed, you'll get maximum performance shot after shot, and you'll enjoy the Talamonti Light 55's penetrating ball flight, thanks to its phenomenal design. With the Talamonti Light 55, the company really achieved a light shaft done right, making for great improvements in terms of lowering spin, improved stability and overall better performance, together with optimized launch parameters and unparalleled levels of consistency. My favorite characteristic of the new Talamonti Light 55 is the fact that it comes with a great balance point, and you'll also notice a rare feature in light shafts, i.e. its lack of side-spin and its great roll out. Another thing that makes the Talamonti Light 55 better than other light shafts is the dispersion, as this baby is as tight as it gets, and you'll also enjoy its controlled, smooth release. Indeed, Talamonti really knows how to make an awesome shaft, drop off the hat, the Talamonti Light 55 is rock and roll.