Talamonti Light 55 Top Shaft Review

    The Talamonti Light 55 golf shaft is built with two main purposes in mind: low spin and excellent stability in a very lightweight piece of golf gear. One of the main issues that comes into play when trying to build a high performance yet ultra light golf shaft is that you'll have to mitigate problems like ballooning, reducing spin and loss off distance, issues that usually plague light golf shafts. With the new and improved Talamonti Light 55, the company just said “mission accomplished”, as this baby is cleverly designed and manufactured using high-end materials for helping producing amazing club head speeds, without making compromises in terms of shaft performance and stability. The Talamonti Light 55 is a great choice for golf players in the seventy to one hundred and five miles per hour range, those kind of players who'll benefit the most from an ultra lightweight golf shaft.

    To achieve these goals, the Talamonti Light 55 is designed with a stable blend profile, which is also incredibly smooth, for delivering top notch performance and feel in all flexes. This baby will suit you like a glove regardless of your skill level; whether you're a weekend warrior or a Tour player, with a low or high swing speed, you'll get maximum performance shot after shot, and you'll enjoy the Talamonti Light 55's penetrating ball flight, thanks to its phenomenal design. With the Talamonti Light 55, the company really achieved a light shaft done right, making for great improvements in terms of lowering spin, improved stability and overall better performance, together with optimized launch parameters and unparalleled levels of consistency. My favorite characteristic of the new Talamonti Light 55 is the fact that it comes with a great balance point, and you'll also notice a rare feature in light shafts, i.e. its lack of side-spin and its great roll out. Another thing that makes the Talamonti Light 55 better than other light shafts is the dispersion, as this baby is as tight as it gets, and you'll also enjoy its controlled, smooth release. Indeed, Talamonti really knows how to make an awesome shaft, drop off the hat, the Talamonti Light 55 is rock and roll.