Talamonti LS-70 Top Golf Shafts Review

    The Talamonti LS-70 golf shaft was specially built and designed for delivering very low spin and it's aimed especially at stronger golf players. The Talamonti LS-70 is available in two flavors: X and Stiff and it weighs 73 grams. The new line of shafts from Talamonti (the LS-70 included) features a two tone design, with the bottom half being solid white, while the top half featuring a bright neon color. There's also a very nice 360 degrees wrap-around pattern which provides a consistent and interesting look at address. In terms of performance, after taking this baby for a test drive on the golf course, I must admit that the new Talamonti LS-70 feels very consistent and I should also mention that stability is definitely its main characteristic, shot after shot, round after round.

    The Talamonti LS-70 golf shaft doesn't feel too hard or harsh to load, even if you're not the strongest player out there, i.e. it will fit almost all golf types, regardless of your swing speeds. Another thing worth mentioning is that the twisting and torquing when it comes to mishits is barely noticeable in the Talamonti LS-70. Also, the Talamonti LS-70 offers a low launch trajectory and reduced spin, the weight feels just right, in the sweet spot, the dispersion is there as it should be, while the spin and the launch are optimal. Basically, the new Talamonti LS-70 was created for delivering the lowest spin possible for longest drives, and it does just that with flying colors. If you're looking for a top notch golf shaft for providing you with a super low spin, yet allowing in the same time for a very decent launch angle, the Talamonti LS-70 will fit you like a glove. Also, this baby has a very cool look, and you'll definitely enjoy the boost in confidence, being very hard to miss on the golf course. The feel is nothing short of amazing and you'll absolutely love the smooth transition when playing, from start to finish.