Aldila Tour Blue and Green Top Golf Shafts Review

    The Aldila Tour blue and green golf shafts are pretty similar in terms of built and design, and they're using basically the same technologies and advanced materials for providing golf pros with a very smooth and controlled release. There's a slightly difference between the two, as it follows: the Tour Green shaft promotes a higher ball flight, featuring a slightly softer tip section, while the Tour Blue shaft benefits from a proprietary technology, namely Aldila's latest generation MLT (micro laminated materials), which is very strong yet ultra thin, delivering unmatched performance and unparalleled consistency, shot after shot, round after round.

    After taking these babies for a test drive on the golf course, I've discovered that the Aldila Tour Blue can be described as a higher-launching mid-spin shaft, feeling much better than the stock shaft I've used before, being easier to load and incredibly smooth, with a real nice feel. Again, compared with the stock shaft, the Aldila Tour Blue felt tighter with excellent accuracy, with a tad more carry than I would have expected. The biggest advantage of the Aldila Tour Blue is its excellent feel and high launch, with optimal spin, being a good fit for better players looking for Tour level accuracy and feel. The Aldila Tour Green is very long and offers a lower flight, yet it feels just and nice and tight compared to the Blue. I also noticed a slight drop in terms of spin, which translated into more distance and outstanding accuracy off the tee. Both Aldila Tour Blue and Green worked wonders in boosting confidence and depending upon your golf style and your specific needs, you'll definitely going to enjoy the control, feel and balance these babies offer, as both feel very good, they look great and they make for a very popular SLDR combination.