Fujikura Pro 73 Tour Top Golf Shaft Review

    The Fujikura Pro 73 2016 features a specially designed bending profile which makes for a stiffer tip and mid section, providing more forgiveness in the handling department compared to the latest gen. However, the brand new Fujikura Pro 73 shaft still features the company's proprietary HIT technology, for providing you with increased accuracy and unparalleled stability through your swings, being better than ever before. Besides the HIT tech, the Fujikura Pro 73 comes fully loaded with the best technologies in the company's portfolio, such as Maximum Carbon Fiber Content, CAGE and Phantium, together with the 40 TON carbon fiber. Basically, the Fujikura Pro 73 oozes state of the art technology and superior craftsmanship, all working together in a perfect synergy, making for the ideal blend of spin, launch and feel.

    Besides all these advanced technologies, the Fujikura Pro 73 is a true looker, so you may be lured initially by its design, but you'll stay for the top-notch performance. Beauty meets brains in the latest Fujikura Pro 73, and that's an amazing achievement in my book. With the Fujikura Pro 73, the company managed to kick the nail in the head, as this baby is just the right stuff sort to speak, blending all the excellent characteristics of their previous generations into one just right combination. And if there's one department where the Fujikura Pro 73 really shines is the feel. The Pro offers the ideal amount of kick while keeping a tight feel, and all these tech specs and features translate into really good numbers in real life, i.e. on the golf course. The Fujikura Pro 73 can be described as an outstanding bombing combo, offering low spin, high speeds, long drives and a tight dispersion. Bottom line, the Fujikura Pro 73 looks great and offers tons of performance, feels smooth and tight and makes for an excellent choice, being very easy to recommend!