Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie Top Shaft Review

    The Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie retails for $320 (MSRP) and it's built and designed for better golfers looking for a high-end golf shaft that is not looking for over-correcting any spin and launch issues. Basically, the Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie is a laser accurate piece of golf gear, aimed at professional golfers, focusing on high performance and making for an excellent melange of accuracy, distance and increased control via heavier weights. To describe it in a few words, the latest Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie is not too low, not too high, this baby is just right folks. The Red Tie is that one shaft in the Matrix Tie series which plays right down the middle, having all the great features of the other two “sisters”, making for an almost ideal combination, being “the right stuff” in my opinion.

    The new Tie series is composed from the Black Tie, which is low, the White Tie, which is high and the Red Tie, which is perfect, as in middle. Basically, everything is about spin and launch angles. The Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie features a classic Matrix colorway and, a nice touch in my book, now you can laser-etch your name right by the logo. In terms of game play and performance, I must tell you that the feel is absolutely outstanding in the Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie, featuring Matrix's traditional smooth release, in a hinge like way. Definitely, the Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie is the best in terms of feel of the bunch. And after testing all three of them on the golf course, I must reiterate my initial statement: the Matrix 7Q3 Red Tie is the best in terms of overall performance, i.e. trajectory, spin, distance and feel, they're all off-charts, making for this baby the right one and very easy to recommend.