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    As you can easily imagine, better putting translates into better golfing performance, that's a no-brainer. The new ODYSSEY WORKS VERSA SABERTOOTH benefits from the company's best feeling, best selling, most trusted and efficient insert, which helps with a faster roll for getting the golf ball into a pure roll quicker than ever before. Add to that peak stability and more alignment, together with the major winning, proprietary Tour proven technology Sabertooth head design, with its specially engineered dual fangs for increasing the moment of inertia (MOI), and boy, you have a winner in your hands. All these great technologies in one great putter! But wait, there's more. Let's not forget the company's legendary insert which is combined with the state of the art roll technology for creating the Fusion RX Insert, where roll meets feel, thanks to a combo between a very thin mesh (stainless steel made) and a Metal X roll pattern that works in tandem with the White Hot insert.

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    The good news is that the latest and the greatest ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #7 is free of the aforementioned problem. Jumpiness is no more folks! How on Earth did they do it? Well, here the Metal X face comes into play. This special design incorporated into the putter's face doesn't require a metal mesh on top and thus the ball will hug the ground much earlier than before during the game, i.e. it will hold the line better and go right in more often than ever before, that in case you performed a good stroke. Also, you'll definitely notice the deeper face in the ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #7, which was designed after feedback received from consumers, and it's combined with a molded insert in a dual-layer design, which features a softer core for delivering the ultimate in feel and speed, round after round, together with improved alignment and accuracy. Finally, you can choose between a Super Stroke grip or a standard rubber options for getting the perfect setup for the perfect stroke.

    Odyssey Works Rossie II Putter
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    3. Odyssey Works Rossie II Putter Review

    As with all Odyssey clubs you are able to customise your Rossie II putter to suit your game with different shaft lengths, wraps and grips. This is an ideal putter for the beginner golfer with excellent balance and feel and a good weight to stabilise your shot. With three lines on the head for easier alignment, you will be more confident when lining up to putt and setting the ball off in the direction you intend. Odyssey Rossie II works well on fast and hard greens and is stable on those short putts that can leave you frustrated with misses. Distance control is also excellent and with this putter you will soon gain the confidence needed to have the complete golf game. Many golfers claim this to be an 'awesome putter'.

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    The ODYSSEY WORKS VERSA MARXMAN FANG putter takes the chassis from the 2-Ball Fang, which is one of the company's best selling putters, and puts into the mix a Hi-Def linear alignment via the Tour proven Marxman technology. And the end result is quicker roll than ever before, excellent feeling and a faster, pure roll, due to the most trusted and proven insert in golf history. The insert works together with a major winning alignment, promoting stability and accuracy due to the perimeter weighted fangs, while the Marxman high definition alignment strip is the cherry on the top, making for the accuracy machine the ODYSSEY WORKS VERSA MARXMAN FANG putter really is. Are you ready to try it? I hope you are, as I did and I was absolutely amazed by the stability and forgiveness of this putter. How is that possible, you may ask? Well, Odyssey positioned the club-head's weight to the perimeter, thus increasing the moment of inertia (MOI) and making for a putter that excels in terms of stability, control and accuracy. The high definition Marxman alignment consists of 2 stripes that run to the entire length of the putter, providing you with lots of help when you frame the ball, i.e. when you're trying to find the target line. Just try it and you'll love it, and you can take that to the bank folks!

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    I must tell you one thing folks: given the price tag, I don't think I ever tested putters that sound and feel that good as the Wilson Staff Infinite South Side. Truth be told, I actually have some very expensive ones (2-3 times more expensive), which don't feel that good. The Wilson Staff Infinite South Side delivers exactly what you would expect from a milled putter, i.e. excellent feedback and a rock-solid feel. Remember, we're dealing with a tour quality putter here, hence the feel upon impact is firm, but not harsh, and that's great in my book. You get six distinctive head-shapes, hence it's highly improbable that you won't find a putter to your liking in the Infinite Putter line, and remember that these classic looking head shapes were all upgraded, both in terms of weight and an addition of a heavy, large counterbalanced grip. Bottom line, if you're looking for tour quality, proven putters, with awesome feel and great performance, for $99 there's nothing better than the Wilson Staff Infinite South Side.

    Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 Putter Review
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    6. Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 Putter Review

    As I already told you, design wise the Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 looks like your regular mallet putter, and the most striking thing about it it's the bottle opener look, which doesn't look very “premium”. The face comes in an all-black, slick design and Bettinardi calls it their newest tour-proven shape (by the way, that's absolutely true). The sound and feel is relatively muted, almost dead, even in the sweet spot, due to the rubber like coating over the metal face, which drastically reduces both feel and sound. However, the balance of the head is excellent, making it very easy to control the putting stroke and the Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 gives a nice roll on the ball, especially when it comes to center hits. Bottom line, the mix of steel and aluminum works pretty good, the FIT face offers incredible feedback and generally speaking, the Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 delivers reliable, solid strikes, having the necessary size and mass to deliver what you'd expect from a milled putter, round after round.

    Odyssey Milled collection #6M putter
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    7. Odyssey Milled Collection #6M Putter Review

    The standard head weight of 350 grams can be adjusted to a lighter 340 grams of the heavier 360 grams depending on your preference for putter head weight. CNC milled heads with hand finishing gives a superior putter complete with a black spot to line up the ball with the pin. Complete with the Fusion RX insert that combines the winning White Hot insert with the winning Metal X striking plate, the ball gets into a pure roll faster and any skidding is minimised by the pattern on the thin metal face of the head. The main aim of all Odyssey putters is for you to become a more confident putter by sinking more putts and improving this part of your game. If you are able to sink more putts from a range of distances your game will be more enjoyable as putting can be the one thing that can destroy your confidence quickly. An assurance of quality from Odyssey means that you can also be confident of your putter standing up to any treatment it gets during your golf games. It will be repaired or replaced for up to two years after purchase with no questions asked. Attention to detail means you have a superior golf putter.

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    Also, the company upped the ante in the ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #9 with a clear coat applied over the putter's face, in order to promote better friction and make the ball to roll faster than ever before. Thing is, if you combine the high-end elastomer insert of the ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #9, which works wonders in terms of speed and roll with the next gen White Hot, the end result is outstanding, to say the least. The added textured clear coating of the face also works in tandem with the oval and it promotes faster rolling speed round after round. There are multiple grip options for your ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #9, as you can choose the Super Stroke grip or the standard rubber for your favorite putter, thus you'll be able to get the perfect setup for your stroke!

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    Now, let's talk a little bit about the ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #1. After playing a few rounds with this baby, I noticed the very soft feel at impact, but I must confess that I liked it, as it felt…how should I put it…genuine. The latest ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #1 features a specially designed dual layer built, with a softer core, aimed at increasing feedback and improving feel. Also, the new insert offers a smoother roll than ever before, thanks to its oval pattern design, that works in tandem with the textured coat finish, which improves friction at impact. The ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #1 is available with a Super Stroke Grip or a standard rubber one and it can be described as the logical consequence of great design and engineering, as the company used an elastomer insert for achieving great amounts of speed and roll, thus helping you to roll the ball faster than ever before. Bottom line, if you like the design and feel of this piece of golf gear, the ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #1 is everything you could ever desire from a high quality putter and is very easy to recommend.

    Scotty Cameron Futura X7 and X7M Putters Reviews
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    10. Scotty Cameron Futura X7 and X7M Putters Reviews

    If you're already familiar with the Futura X5 putter, you will observe that the X7 features an almost identical head shape, but slightly larger (approximately 10% larger). Basically, the Futura X7 is an extension of the X5, as per the requests of touring professionals.

    The larger the head, the larger the sweet spot, obviously, and along comes more forgiveness. Cameron used in the X7's construction a special technology, namely an aluminum face sole core, featuring a stainless steel frame all around it. The face is also made using aluminum and thus it will provide you with a softer feel when compared to the X5, whose face is built from 303 stainless steel.

    The Futura X7M comes in a very similar shape when compared to the regular X7 but it's enhanced with Cameron's bar back design, in order to enhance the moment of inertia (MOI) of the putter. Overall, the X7 and the X7M are very much the same, as they offer basically the same features, but the X7M comes with that additional back weight, which translates into more MOI.