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    The ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #1 is the latest re-iteration of an already legendary putter. Basically, the new ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #1 is an incremental evolution of the number 1 putter in golf. In case you did not know it, Odyssey boasts with the most putter wins on Tour, being the “numero uno” putter in golf. Also, the White Hot insert is a legend, and with the Hot RX #1, the already iconic insert reached a new level in terms of feel and roll, helping you rolling the ball faster, with total control when it comes to speed, being better than the previous gen, and that's awesome folks!

    Now, let's talk a little bit about the ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #1. After playing a few rounds with this baby, I noticed the very soft feel at impact, but I must confess that I liked it, as it felt…how should I put it…genuine. The latest ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #1 features a specially designed dual layer built, with a softer core, aimed at increasing feedback and improving feel. Also, the new insert offers a smoother roll than ever before, thanks to its oval pattern design, that works in tandem with the textured coat finish, which improves friction at impact. The ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #1 is available with a Super Stroke Grip or a standard rubber one and it can be described as the logical consequence of great design and engineering, as the company used an elastomer insert for achieving great amounts of speed and roll, thus helping you to roll the ball faster than ever before. Bottom line, if you like the design and feel of this piece of golf gear, the ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #1 is everything you could ever desire from a high quality putter and is very easy to recommend.