Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 Putter Review

    The Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 retails for $299,99 (MSRP) and it's engineered featuring an unique and innovative design, being built from both stainless steel and aluminum. The marketing department calls this putter an “innovational masterpiece”, as the Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 comes with a very soft aluminum made face, while the back weight uses stainless steel which gives it the necessary density for optimal head weight. This interesting combo makes for an almost universal putter, I mean any golf player will be thrilled to use the new Bettinardi Inovai 3.0, due to its aluminum FIT face, which is very soft upon ball impact, together with its bold alignment features and its great shape and size. However, after playing a few rounds using this putter, I assume that the Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 will fit best golfers who're into mallet putters, or those looking for greater stroke stability. Long story short, the Inovai 3.0 enters the “fang” putter market with a bang, and coming from a reputable company which is well accustomed with creating elite putters, it's a must-try, given its precise milling and the fact that it's made in the USA (a rare thing nowadays, unfortunately).

    As I already told you, design wise the Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 looks like your regular mallet putter, and the most striking thing about it it's the bottle opener look, which doesn't look very “premium”. The face comes in an all-black, slick design and Bettinardi calls it their newest tour-proven shape (by the way, that's absolutely true). The sound and feel is relatively muted, almost dead, even in the sweet spot, due to the rubber like coating over the metal face, which drastically reduces both feel and sound. However, the balance of the head is excellent, making it very easy to control the putting stroke and the Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 gives a nice roll on the ball, especially when it comes to center hits. Bottom line, the mix of steel and aluminum works pretty good, the FIT face offers incredible feedback and generally speaking, the Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 delivers reliable, solid strikes, having the necessary size and mass to deliver what you'd expect from a milled putter, round after round.