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    The ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #7 can be described as an incremental upgrade of one of the world's best, almost iconic putter inserts in golf history. I am obviously talking about the great white whale, or the White Hot as it's known among golf enthusiasts. Basically, Odyssey took an already legendary putter and made it epic, via a new and softer insert and a Metal X face pattern which dramatically improves roll, feel and forgiveness. That's the ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #7 in just a few words: an already perfect putter made better. It sounds almost too good to be true, right? After playing a few rounds with this baby, I first noticed the feel, which was different from what I expected. The previous generations were also soft, in good Odyssey tradition, but there was also a “jumpy” side, when it came to short and/or mid-range puts.

    The good news is that the latest and the greatest ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #7 is free of the aforementioned problem. Jumpiness is no more folks! How on Earth did they do it? Well, here the Metal X face comes into play. This special design incorporated into the putter's face doesn't require a metal mesh on top and thus the ball will hug the ground much earlier than before during the game, i.e. it will hold the line better and go right in more often than ever before, that in case you performed a good stroke. Also, you'll definitely notice the deeper face in the ODYSSEY WHITE HOT RX #7, which was designed after feedback received from consumers, and it's combined with a molded insert in a dual-layer design, which features a softer core for delivering the ultimate in feel and speed, round after round, together with improved alignment and accuracy. Finally, you can choose between a Super Stroke grip or a standard rubber options for getting the perfect setup for the perfect stroke.