Odyssey Works Rossie II Putter
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    Become a confident putter:
    The Odyssey Works Rossie II putter has been designed with expert technology to increase your chances of sinking putts and improving your golf game. With a 3° loft and a 70° angle of lie, this putter comes in standard length shafts of 33, 34 and 35 inches. The matt black appearance makes for a smart putter that will stop any glare and reflection from interfering with your putting shots. A mallet shaped head weighs in at 350 grams and the shaft is in the full off-set position. Odyssey have combined the winning White Hot insert with their Metal X striking plate to give your game the edge you need. A patterned metal face plate gives you a quicker start to a pure roll after striking the golf ball and minimises any skidding of the ball. This means the ball will roll more easily and act more predictably on its way to the pin.

    As with all Odyssey clubs you are able to customise your Rossie II putter to suit your game with different shaft lengths, wraps and grips. This is an ideal putter for the beginner golfer with excellent balance and feel and a good weight to stabilise your shot. With three lines on the head for easier alignment, you will be more confident when lining up to putt and setting the ball off in the direction you intend. Odyssey Rossie II works well on fast and hard greens and is stable on those short putts that can leave you frustrated with misses. Distance control is also excellent and with this putter you will soon gain the confidence needed to have the complete golf game. Many golfers claim this to be an 'awesome putter'.