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Video Transcript

So if you find yourself off the fairway, but you are in some fairly sort of thick-ish grass but you’ve actually got a shot and you can play it back. The real important thing to understand here is what is the quality of the lie like and how brave should you be with shots. If the lie isn’t very good and the ball is sitting down take your medicine and get back out quickly onto the fairway. And by I mean quickly by the shortest root. if I look from the rough to the flag and I’ve got hundred yards of more rough to carry, the chances are I’m going to be playing my next shots still in the rough. So I would turn more sideways away from the flag which can feel quite awkward, because most shots you want to aim towards the flag but this time we are saying aim away from the flag, chip it back onto the fairway and then carry on from there.

All the considerations you might have a club selection. If you are 200 yards from the flag, normally you would reach for longer club and try and carry as much distance as possible. However, if you are in the long grass and lie isn’t very good, we need to automatically go for more loft. So as soon as the lie gets bad think more loft, loft equals safety in my book. So if the lie is not great more loft. I then grip down on the golf club and grip it nicely and tightly as well, nice and tightly means the club will stop twisting. One of the only times that really encourages you to hold the club tightly, you play the ball central or slightly back in your stands, your steep with your swing and you hit hard you’ve got a nice lofting club, good grip pressure hit hard. Most shots in this situation would come up quite nicely. Doesn’t really matter how bad the lie is, if you’ve got a lofty club, plenty of grip pressure and a steep swing that will come out and they’ll get themselves back in play back on the fairway and then you can carry on.

So don’t be too brave, don’t take the long club take the safe root with more loft, take the safe root with aiming back from the fairway, good tight grip pressure nice and steep and gauge the ball back out of the long grass, get yourself back in play on the fairway.