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There is often nothing more frustrating than playing really nice golf hole, good tee shot, good second shot, nice chip on, good first putt, leave yourself a couple of feet left to finish off and then your miss the short putt. Really frustrating you think, “I’ve done all that hard work and I’ve missed it from here and that’s cost me an extra short.” So making sure you focus on how holing short putts can affect your score massively. Now one of the things I see with people when they are short putting is often the tempo in their stroke changes. Sometimes the golf swing gets a little bit rapid, they get a bit snatchy and there’re sometimes too many grip pressure. So if we set up to this putt we take a practice swing that’s short back long through.

My grip pressure is quite light and I’m taking it back slowly and I’m accelerating through the putt. So if I’m taking a big back swing, I’m either going to hit this ball too hard which I don’t want to do, or I’m going to decelerate which means the club could twist and I’m going to miss the hole. So I would start with a good set up, a light grip pressure, short back, long through. And just accelerate nicely and confidently give the ball a good firm roll towards the hole. We also want to make sure that the fundamentals before putting are really good. So make the grip the stance, the posture, the eyes over the ball all those sort of things are set. So follow the link at the bottom of this video to go back to the fundamental section and check that. Just make sure you don’t careless. You don’t just wonder off and think, it’s only a short one lads, I’ll just tap this one in and then bang, fundamentals are wrong and you’ve missed a short one and it cost you an extra one for that hole.