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Video Transcript

Teeing off on the golf course or driving the ball on the golf course is often one of the skills that most people want to develop first because they want that glamour shot; the one that goes a long way. It’s a bit of a macho thing to try and out-drive your mates on the golf course. It’s actually one of the hardest skills to get right and one of the skills that will encourage your scores to increase if you not very good at it.

You don’t have to drive the ball off every hole, you could take an iron or a hybrid or even a fairway wood to keep the golf ball in play, but if it’s really the drive that’s your focus and you want to hit ball as far as possible with the driver, here’s a few tips will hopefully help you out.

To start with when you’re driving, you need to have the ball teed up at the right height. So, I’ve got quite a big tee-peg in the mat here and it’s the tee-peg that produces a ball position where round about half of the ball is above the top of my club. So if I can lay the red line half way bring the club in, about a half of that ball sits above the top of my driver and that would help me to hit the ball up into the air and sweep the ball without digging the club down too much into the turf. So, I have a nice high tee-peg. I would then position that goal ball right opposite to my left foot for the right handed golfer so a long way forwards in my stance. I then double check that I’m standing the right distance away from the golf ball so the club is positioned just two inches or an inch above my left knee cap about three fingers, I then go ahead and make my normal grip and my normal comfortable address position.

I am going to tempted just lean to back a little bit into right leg now, my rear leg, so I get a little bit more body weight onto my back foot and as I turn back from the golf ball it’s important here that I am not trying to stay over the top of the golf ball too much. I see a lot of people because they have learned with irons, they’re used to having their chin pretty much over the ball when they get to the driver, they want to lean forwards over the golf ball. Try and avoid that, try and feel like you move back nicely with your shoulder rotation, so you got a little bit body weight onto your right side, that creates a bit more power you can now drive forwards hitting the golf ball very quickly and aggressively stretching your arms out into the distance.

Remember you driver will always give the golf ball more curvature and if it starts to curve in the air and it goes further which is another trait for the driver it will go further off line. So just be really careful as and when you use your driver, use it on the wide open holes, don’t use it when there is danger and out of bounds, and water hazards, just play a little bit safe from those holes. But if you’ve got the driver, you’ve got the ball nicely forwards in your stance, you’re leaning back a little bit, it’s on a nice high tee-peg go ahead give it a nice swing and see how far you can hit it.